Something Spiritual

I've been missing something. For months, I didn't know what it was. It wasn't loneliness, exactly. Now with a circle of friends, neighbors I can depend on, swimming groups, and a wonderful boyfriend, I finally felt like I had my network of people in the DR. And it wasn't material possessions. For months, I had [...]

Hiatus is broken

Hello everyone! Thank you to the three people who read this blog. As you cleverly may have noticed, there is quite a large gap between when now and my previous blog post. To put it succinctly, living in a different country is hard. And at the time, I was facing some pressures with the school, [...]

A Brick Wall

I think I've hit a brick wall. I'm starting to dislike the question, "So how do you like it here?" Well, I think in my head a bit flippantly, it's a third-world country. I understand why people want to come to America. I totally get it. America is nice; America is rich and the standard [...]

A Typical Day at the School

There is no typical day. I know that may be the case for many work environments, but it seems doubly so here. However, I will try to give an overview of what passes for a typical day. My day begins at 6am, and after waking up, feeding my precious Kate, and gathering up my umbrella, [...]

I Was Not Expecting That

While I've been living on this island, there is a singular emotion that sometimes flits across my soul, like a mouse through a cornfield. It’s cloaked, quick, and effervescent. It makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. I’m usually a wordsmith. I can forge words and sentences into steel-edged blades or [...]

Getting Acquainted

So far, I’ve been writing about adjusting to life in the Dominican Republic, but I have dedicated few words to the library in which I work. The next few posts will describe what I hope to accomplish in my time on the island, what I have done so far, and some of the challenges that [...]

Shore Leave

It was harder than I expected. Coming back to Texas, I mean. I had to return to the States to finish up paperwork for my visa, and before I left the DR, I was so excited to come back home. Home to the United States, where freedom of speech is guaranteed, and libraries are baked [...]